About Linqtec

“We strongly believe that nutritious
and uncontaminated diet for nations originated from well-fed animals.”

  LinQ Technology Corporation Company Limited  

Founded in 2003, We produce animal feed additive
for aqua, poultry, pigs, ruminants etc. and premixes.

Our office and plant site in Chachoengsao Province, the transportation advantageous location, is only minutes away from Suvarnbhumi airport and Leamchabang port. LinQ Technology Corporation Co.,Ltd. offers informational consultation apply to feed additive management to avoid persistent residues. We appoint highly qualified team of experts to achieve the best solution for different conditions.

LinQ Technology Corporation Co.,Ltd.’s made-to-order premixes products are also available for more-specific requirements.
From step one, LinQtec has continued to establish a solid foundation to take a lead in feed additive industry. These passed years, we have successfully invented various unique formulas to fit the diversity of restrict necessities for Thailand and overseas market includes Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and stay on opening doors to many more destinations.


Safety and manufacturing standard are our top priority which proclaim in numbers of major international qualifications include ; GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, Halal, FAMI-QS and more.
We keep record of our products information in order to perform future effective traceability with an ambition to pioneer the innovative nutrition and services.

“We aspire to be the Premier Nutritional Solution
Through Innovation and Service”


LinQ Technology Corporation Co.,Ltd. greatly honors your support and the opportunities given to take part in your success. Today, we are anticipating in increasing our proficiency in contemplation of providing supremacy to the world.